An account by John Bell on September 4, 1791 regarding a dispute between Jacob Prillaman Sr. and Joseph Spearpoint.

A few days after Joseph SpearPint Left living with John Prilliman he came to Hous & tould me Jacob Prilliman sener Was owing of him & asked me to set Down his account for him & I did the Account was ry & wheat to the amount of Twelve & sex pence as well as I rember. Then he told me, to give Prilliman Credit for six shilling that he paid Thomas Burnte for him & a bushel of corn which was two shilling & a Quart of brand one shilling & six penc & the ballance due to spearpint was Two shillings & six pence he asked me To take the account to Prilliman & ask him for the ballance for he said he never intended to goe on ther plantation again. i went to Prilliman & he said the account he beleved was right but he wanted to se sperpint some time after that I was at Prillimans & spearpint came There & he fell out with old Jacob Prilliman & abuesed him veri much & the old man did not seam to regard it much & spearpint went away in a Great rage. in about a weak after Spearpint Came to Prilliman again & seamed very humbel & I heard him Tell the old man that he sorre had fell out with him & desiered to be friends with him. the old man ansers well Spearpint Told him he oed Peter Helm two Bushels of Ry & if he would pay Helm The ry & give him a pint of brand & they would make friens & be clear of each other of all dues dels & demands from the begining of the world to that day. I beleve the settelment was about jun in the year 1790.

Franklin County Suit Papers, Acc. 23707, Nov 1791, Joseph Spearpoint v. Jacob Prilliman.