Finish Our House
Letter by Christian Snidow Prillaman to his father

Where they are dots ..... in the document the writing was unreadable. Words in italics have been deciphered to the best of my ability. Considerable appreciate is due Dr. James Robertson of Virginia Tech for his kindness in sharing this letter.
Surname References found in the letter
  • Fountaine
  • Prillaman
  • Smith
  • Turner
  • Whitlock
Camp Drury June 8th 1862

Dear Father

Your kind favor of the 1st of June was only recieved on Thursday morning. you will find an account of our health in Sallies letter. I was very much gratified to learn that you & Sallie had employed Mr. Whitlock to finish our house. Get him at it as soon as posible.

You also desired me to inform you whether or not any moneys was due my Lamented unkle David Prillaman, having called out under the Laws of Virginia, and never having asigned (or if asigned at all) only a few Days previous to his Death to the Confederate States. It is quite clear that there is nothing Due him from the Confederacy. Several men have been discharged from his Regt in consequence of their being over thirty five years of age. They drew no pay only from the Time they came to ...... they was discharged.

I think there is no doubt but what the State of Virginia will owe him, and either has or will make some provisions for paying the malitia called out by its govenor last March. but having Spent the most of my Time Since I left home in an other State I am not able to say what provisions was made.

Mr S. O. Smith informed me to day that A. H. Turner desired me to inform him whether there is a necesity for his coming Into This Regiment to get a Discharge It is my opinion & I have had conversation with a great many of the officers here who agree with me that he is exempt by the Conscription Bill provided he can establish his age to be over thirty five & if he does not come back there is no penalty attached to the Bill By which he can be hurt, yet he would not be honorably Discharged. if he is not able to come here he can go to some Physian & get a certificate of his Physical Disablility to come to camp & then get a copy of his Register and have his Father of appear before some Justice of the peace & make oath to it & forward these papers to me & I will see that Capt Fountaine has his Discharge made out

It is now Dark and I must close this note, i have been Busy as a Bee all Day and have no Time to write you will get all the news that I am in posesion of in two letters that I started to Sallie last Thurday

I Still remain your Son
Chris S. Prillaman