From Chimbarazo Hospital

Letter by Fleming Martin Prillaman to his family. Where they are dots ..... in the document the writing was unreadable. Words in italics have been deciphered to the best of my ability.
Surname References found in the letter
  • Bray
  • Prillaman

Richmond, VA Nov 13 1863

Chimbarazo Hospital, Richmond Va

Dear Farther, Mother, Brothers, & Sisters,

I am once more on Southern soil but after a long and ... journey. I left the City of Baltimore, Md on the 12th of this month and landed this last night, 9 o clock P M my wound is entirely healed up But still I cant walk a step without my crutches. my General health is very good. i eat all that I can Get and I feal like a Bird out of cage since I got out of the yankees hand although they treated me very well. Little did I think four months ago that I would ever write you a gane from this side of the Potomac but providence seames ....... and I now have a hope of seeing you all a Gaine I staded at Gettysburg Penn three months and 6 days the balance of the time at the City of Baltimore. if thare is a mortal on earth that has past through fire ......... I am he. The Yankees ar organizing a Grate many Negros & .... to be .... for war ... & has a Grate many negro Soldiers in Baltimore I am very anxious to hear from you all and still .... to see you all. They Tell me heare that I can Get a furlough as soon as I can Travel which I hope wont be long I hope you will write me soon and let me no where all my brothers are. I was very Glad to heare that Christian Got out of the battle of Gettysburg a live I have often thought of him and laught to my self.

Remember me too all my friends & believe that I want to see you all

as Ever F. M. Prillaman

P. S.

John Bray is at Baltimore & Requested me too let his Farther no that he is doing well. he has his left leg amputated above the nee a grate many of .... Co. was kiled whose names I cant Give now the meale Boy is waiting for me now and I must close.

F. M. Prillaman

.... Direct to Chimborazo Hospital 3rd Division Ward I Richmond VA