Will of Daniel Prillaman
(1758 - 1854)
son of Jacob and Walburga

In the name of God Amen, I Daniel Prillaman, Sen. of Franklin County and State of Virginia being advanced in years but i trust of disposing memore and caling to mind that all flesh must die, have thought proper to make a will, and first I recomend my soul to God from whence it came hoping to receive the same at the great day of the resurrection and my body to be buried in decent Christian like manner. And as touching my wordly estate I dispose of in manner following, after all my jsut debts are paid and contented.

Item the 1st. My will and desire is that my wife Ann Prillaman have and enjoy the befits of my wordly estates both real and personal during her natural life.

Item 2nd, my desire is that my Children, namely Jacob Prillaman, Dines (sic) Prillaman, John Prillaman, & David Prillaman, and in behalf Daniel Prillaman, Jun. I give to his four children, Olive, Emily, Isaac, and Ann, and to my daughter Betsy Helms two children Daniel and Polly in rite of their mother one share, and to Judith Standly, Susan Smith, Ann Washington and Ruth Prillaman.

Item 3rd, and my will is that estate real and personal be so divided and distributed by my executors hereafter to be named as to make them as nearly as possible, and after taking account of what has gin rec. by each child in advance.

Item 4th. It is my wish to lend to daughter Judith Standly a certain piece of land whereon she is now living to be hereafter marked off to her by my executors during her natural life and after her desease the sd. tract of land to belong to the heris of Judith Standly begotten on her body for ever.

Item 5th. My will and desire is that my tracts of land as named after my decease and my wife Ann's decease shall be lotted if the sd. legatees can mutually agree and if not then the sd. land as hereby described, be by my executors sold according to law on one and two years credit; first, the tract of land whereon I am now living and the Town Creek Tract over and above what I and my son Daniel deeded to Judith Standly. I have sold and divided off all that tract except what I think was the Interest claimed by my son Danl. for $184 for which he conveyd. his rite and Interest as I understood. And lastly, I nominate and appoint my beloved Sons, Jacob and David Prillaman and Isaac Prillaman and Peter Smith my Executors to this my last will and testament, in witness whereunto I have published and declared this in presence of this 15th day June 1845.

Daniel X Prillaman Sen.

G. B. Lesurus
James W. Lesueurs
Thomas H. Prillaman

At a Court held for Franklin County at the Courthouse on the 6th day of February 1854. This last will and testament of Daniel Prillaman Decd. was produced in Court and proved by the oaths of Grandison B. Lesuers, James W. Lesuers and Thomas Hl Prillaman, the subscribing Witnesses hereto and admitted to record - And on the motion of Isaac Prillaman, Jacob Prillaman, Peter Smith Sr. and David Prillaman, the executors herein named who made oath and gave bond and security according to law, certificate is granted them to obtain a probate of said will in due form.

Teste: R. A. Scott, C. F. C.

Franklin County Virginia, Will Book #8, 1852-1854, pages 291-292