Will of David Prillaman

I, David Prillaman, of the County of Franklin and State of Virginia, calling to mind that all men must die, do make this my last will and testament.

1st - I will my Soul to God who gave it and my body to be decently buried;

2nd - I will all my Estate, both real and personal, to my dearly beloved Sallie Prillaman, during her natural life;

3rd - I appoint Thomas H. Prillaman and Crockett Prillaman my Executors, and will that they, my Executors, collect all moneys and interest due me, and apply it to my debts and that if said moneys and interest due me shall not be suffiecient to pay all my just debts, the to either sell property or hire out Negroes until a suffiecient amount is raised to satisfy them, whichever is thought best.

4th - I will that at the death of Sallie Prillaman, all of my real estate shall go to my four sons, Thomas H., Crockett, James and George M. Prillaman. I will further that my wife, Sallie, at any time she think proper to do so, that the above named Executors agree to it, mark off a boundary of it either one or all of my four sons, as much or as little as they think proper.

5th - I will that at the death of my wife, Sallie, all my personal property shall be valued by and divided as near equally as possible between my nine children, To wit: Thomas H., Crockett, James, George M., Lucy, Mary Elizabeth, Eliza, Malinda and Ruth, without a sale.

6th - I will also that my daughter Lucy shall have a Negro girl called Rich and that my daughter Mary Elizabeth shall have a girl called Maranda, aged ten years, whenever her, My Executors and her mother can agree upon the time, provided however, she is to have it within six months, and that my daughter, Eliza, by or before the time she reaches the age Elizabeth now is to have a Negro within a year ow two of the age of Eliza's and that my daughter, Malinda, shall by or before the time she reaches the age of Elizabeth, have a Negro within a year or two of the age of Elizabeth's, Elizabeth's age being twenty-four years.

7th - If my wife, Sallie, die before any of my daughters reach the age of Elizabeth, they then shall have the above-named negroes extra of an equal division at her death.

8th- Whenever either of my daughters become entitled to the above named Negroes, if there is not such a one then belonging to my Estate, I will that if the day's my said Executors sell property and buy of the above description.

9h - Whenever in the offencies of my wife, Sallie, and the Executors, it becomes necessary to sell any property I will that they do so and put the money out at interest or divide it equally among my nine children. In testimony whereof I have hereunto affixed my hand this the 8th day of January in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and fifty-eight.