Will of Michael Eggleton

In the name of God, Amen, I, Michael Eggleton, of the County of Henry and State of Virginia being of sound mind to make this my last will and testament as follows:

I give to my daughter, Jane A. Minter and her heirs forever all the tract of land lying in the County of Henry on the waters of Leatherwood Creek which I purchased of George Eggleton and Jabery G. Dyer, adjoining the lands of Marshall Hairston, Jos. K. Gravely, and others. I also give my said daughter, Jane A. Minter the sum of Three Hundred Dollars out of the money due me for tobacco.

I give to my daughter, Polly Draper and her heirs forever the entire tract of land upon which I now reside lying on the waters of Leatherwood Creek, adjoining the lands of Silas Minter, Sen., John Eggleton and others.

My will is my wife, Eliza Eggleton, is to have a home upon the last mentioned tract of land and receive a support therefrom during her natural life. I give to my granddaughter, Jamima Minter the sum of One Hundred and Seventy Five Dollars. I give to Sally Robinson the sum of One Hundred and Fifty Dollars.

In the event of my decease before the end of the present year, 1868, I want everything to remain on my farm just as it is now till the crop is finished. I also desire my son-in-law, Elkanah B. Draper shall attend to the farm and he receive just compensation for his services. My will is that none of my property shall be sold at public sale, but be divided without sale. I appoint Elkanah B. Draper, Executor of this my last will and testament. And, as to the rest of my estate and effects whatsoever, whether real or personal not herein before bequeathed or disposed of, I hereby will that is shall be equall divided between my wife, Eliza Eggleton and my two daughters, Jane A. Minter and Polly A. Draper.

Signed 1 May, 1868

Henry County Courthouse, Martinsville, Virginia,
Will Book No. 8, Page 20