Will of William Via

21 Dec 1836
...unto my daughter Martha Dehart one certain negroe girl named Lucy …
unto my son Alexander Via one half of  white fallow land I got of Jacob Wright… also one half of the new survey I made of land joining the Wright tract of land…
unto my son James Via the other of the said white fallow land got of said Wright Joining my son Alexander . unto Flegmon Via the tract of land he now lives on the place I got from Daniel Martin …unto my son Robert Via one negroe boy named Greensville instead of land…. unto my daughter Elizabeth Massey the Black burro tract of land where she now lives…. unto the bodily heirs of my daughter Elizabeth Massey the tract of land I bought of Giles Martin called the Martin place after the death of my wife Elizabeth Via . unto my daughter Naomy A Via one certain negroe boy named Ruben …  Also one hundred dollars to be paid to her by my executors when she arrives to lawful age also one bed and furniture one good sixty dollar horse and bridle and saddle & one case of kives (sic) and forks and good set of plates also one cow and calf & one earling also good dressing and maintained off the estate till her mothers death unless she marries. unto my beloved children viz Martha Dehart my son Alexander Via my son James Via also Flegmon Via also my son Robert Via also my daughter Naomy Via their proportionable part of the claim that I have in the estate of James Ingram decd to be paid to them as soon as my executor can collect it after the death of their grand mother Ingram. It is also my desire that my wife Elizabeth shall have the liberty to sell my black woman named Nan is its her choice after my death at any time she sees cause upon twelve months credit and the money arising therefrom to be put out on interest at the disposal of my wife Its also my desire that my wife Elizabeth have control over all the balance of my estate after giving off whats herein divided and paying off my debts that she have full control during her life or widowhood but if she should marry to give up all but my black man Jack also one negroe girl named Merica and the house I now live in and the tract of land the house is on called the claunch tract and the Waldin tract Joining said tract of land the house is on

Patrick County, Virginia Will book #3 pages 5-6