Falling in Love in Colonial Virginia:
the tale of William Martin and Sarah Dodd

William Martin and his wife Sarah Dodd Martin lived in Henry County, Virginia. The romantic love story handed down in the Martin family, is that the young and pretty Sarah Dodd, of Rockingham County, North Carolina, was traveling along the North Carolina road, by stage coach with her father, to White Sulphur Springs. Mr. Dodd who had lost his health, while in service in the Revolutionary War, was on his way to the medicinal springs, known even in those early colonial days. As evening came on, the Dodd family stopped for the night with the Martins. Young William Martin of this household, and Miss Sarah, became so interested in each other, that Miss Sarah was not in as big a hurry to continue the journey, the next day, as was the sick old soldier father. On their return trip, after some weeks at White Sulphur Springs, the Dodds again enjoyed the hospitality of the Martin home. The second visit was prolonged, as Miss Sarah persuaded her father that he needed, not a few hours rest, but several days. This well known North Carolina road was the mail route in those days, and infrequent letters passed between the young people, after Miss Sarah returned to her North Carolina home. William Martin, Sr. gave William Martin, Jr., permission a year later to go to North Carolina and bring home a bride. She brought withe her china, books and furnishings that were luxuries in those days. (info from "Early Virginia Families")